The King’s Rifles drops sweet sixteens at Africa Fashion Fest - Nyasa Times

November 19, 2019

A few months after their debut performance at Lake of Stars Discovery, The King’s Rifles (TKR)
returned on Saturday at Africa Fashion Festival in Lilongwe. The duo, delivered a world class
performance which they dubbed “Sweet Sixteens”.


Speaking to Nyasa Times, one half of The King’s Rifles, Kananji revealed that the duo has started a
“Saturday Sweet Sixteens” series. “The timing was perfect. We performed on Saturday a day that we
will be putting out new material. The performance was a lot of fun and we were happy to introduce our sound and message to a new audience and the feedback was great,” he said.


He further described the event as exceptional, saying it was great to see extraordinary talent that African designers had to showcase.

The King’s Rifles is a group formed in 2018 comprised of SoulAmp Entertainment artists Phi-Ella, and
Kananji. The group was formed as a result of the members passion to make commentary of the sociopolitical situation in Malawi, Africa and globally.


“We felt that few of our contemporaries were tackling these issues and felt it was important that
something be said. That’s when we decided to make the “Love and Revolution” project to
address issues we felt were being ignored,” Kananji revealed.

TKR impresses at African Fashion Festival - 265Ent

November 17, 2019

Probably the best rap duo of the moment, The King’s Rifles commonly known by the acronym TKR on Saturday delivered another wow performance at the recently held African Fashion Festival in Lilongwe.

The performance comes just a few months after their debut at Lake of Stars Discovery in Nkhata Bay.

TKR member, Kananji has described the group’s music journey as a roller coaster having released their debut album “Love and Revolution” on 20th May 2019.

“Performing at Lake of Stars and African Fashion Festival is unbelievable. What we’ve really enjoyed is the connection people from everywhere. At each show we notice that more and more people are telling us how much of an impact it’s making in their lives. That’s been the best part of this whole experience, people connecting with our message.
“The performances were a lot of fun we were happy to introduce our sound and message to a new audience and the feedback was great. African Fashion Festival was exceptional it was great to see the the extraordinary talent that Africa’s designers have to showcase,” he said.

TKR was among the local acts at Lake of Stars Discovery that shared the stage with regional and International superstars namely Moon Child Sanelly and Amanda Black.

“The performance was incredible. We wanted to show the audience a unique story and I think we achieved that. The audience’s energy really amplified the whole experience. We cant thank them enough,” Kananji explained.

According to Kananji, the group’s objective is to bring the real Malawian story to the people in a Hip Hop format.

Gingy and Inkheart Drop W.A.V.Y

August 13, 2018

Soul Amp Entertainment’s hip-hop artists, Gingy and Ink Heart, have dropped the body work for the album ‘Wavy’. In an exclusive interview upon release of ‘Wavy’, which came out on Friday, the artists described their work as being “wild, able, vibrant and young.”

“In a nutshell, ‘Wavy’ is an album that tackles all aspects of present-day life mixed with hints of the past and warnings for the future.”

“It is us [as artists] relating to the world we are in and spreading thought on it,” Gingy and Ink Heart say.

The message? “We have taken our day-to-day circumstances and portrayed those in a way that puts the listener in our shoes while having us in theirs.”

“This is to communicate that there’s hope and bright future for those who strive. But on every path there are obstacles and on this album we aren’t hiding it,” they explain.

Super producer Basssik produced the album.

Divulging the creative process, Gingy and Ink Heart say “most won’t believe it, but most of the album was produced on the spot.”

Basssik would make the beat, Gingy and Ink Heart would write and then record. “It was a very organic experience.”

There are no features on the album, both artists have a voice louder than one album, so it was best to give them ample room for creativity.

‘Wavy’ has taken close to half-a-year to make. “Due to differentials schedule-wise, this album took six months to create. A lot went into the creation of this album.”

Soul Amp is set to perform at this year’s forthcoming Carlsberg Urban Music Legacy,scheduled for 26th August at the College of Medicine Sports Complex in Blantyre.


Commenting on this opportunity, Basssik says: “This is a great chance to showcase what Soul Amp is about, which is a lot. We don’t want to give any spoilers, therefore we suggest you attend the event and witness first-hand what we are about.”


Basssik says the Soul Amp team brings enlightenment, knowledge, creativity and freedom of artistic mind to the table.


He adds that they are here to stay. “The realisation that Soul Amp is here to stay, you will not know which wind causes the storm coming.”


By Pemphero Musowa

Kananji SIgns Two Year Deal with SoulAmp Entertainment

February 11, 2018

One of the country’s elite rap artists, Kananji formerly known as Rising Son has signed a two year contract with Blantyre based Soul Amp Entertainment.

Confiming the development, label founder, owner and beat maker, Basssik says their goal is to keep pushing the envelope until the industry is recognized globally.


“We have the talent to compete on a global stage we just haven’t yet built up from the foundations that were laid by the pioneers”.

Basssik says the deal includes recording, distribution and promotion. “Soulamp mainly provides platform that allows the most promising artists to thrive by being themselves”.

Explaining how the deal came about, Basssik says they have been in the same circles and always had mutual respect toward each others art/Kraft and collaborated a few times.

“Once we explained what our goal and direction was as an outfit everything just flowed and the signing came in naturally”.

He says they believe there is still a long way to go with regards to the state of the hip hop industry here in Malawi.

In an interview  with Nyasa Times, Kananji says it is a mutual understanding because they both stand for freedom in artistic expression.

The deal entitles Kananji to release 2 albums to which he says he has already got new music lined up. “We’re still in the planning phase for how we’re gonna puy things out, but get ready for singles, features, videos all coming soon”.

Kananji says the deal has been in the making for close to 2-3 years. “From the moment I heard Basssik beats and what artists like Phi Ella, Gingy and InkHeart were doing on them, I knew it was a family I could belong to” he says.


“I can’t recall anyone actually approaching other, it was just like me hearing a song from Phi Ella or him hearing one of mine and us saying we should vibe more and that developed into more serious talks until we got to this point”.

Kananji says the deal is not your typical record contract.


“Beyani (Basssik) has really worked hard to get a situation where the label and the artists both come out winning. The artists gets rights off their masters, which is very important to me, to own my craft its not a situation that comes around a lot in music. Its really a partnership actually” he says.

The signing of Kananji brings the Soul Amp members to 6.

Retired legendary rap artist, Mandela Mwanza formerly known as Third Eye has since consigned the move. Mwanza rates Kananji as one of the best ever to grab the microphone in the country.

InkHeart For Sound That Lasts Test Of Time With "Kick It Right"

December 27, 2017

Soul Amp Entertainment rap artist InkHeart says there is need for artists to make sound that will last the test of time. He said this following the release of  the “Kick it right” snippet.


The song is part of a bigger project, an album to which drops in June of 2018.


InkHeart says “We are currently in times that have almost everything sugar-coated and what we offer is the purest form of information, entertainment and the spreading of love. It is not trend-inspired music therefore it always stands the test of time”.

Speaking on real rap and not conforming to the trendy trap music he says “Well as for it being an era of trap that doesn’t faze us because the music we are working on is not only thought-provoking, upfront and what some may term “too lyrical” but our music taps into what deep down everybody needs”.


InkHeart says Soul Amp plans on giving the masses “fire” with the sound in the 2018.


“We have a lot of surprises awaiting our fans in 2018” he says adding they take pride in the fact we do not half bake anything.

By Pemphero Musowa

SoulAmp Rocked out at OktoberFest

October 29, 2017

Soul Amp performed at Oktoberfest this 21st of October. Oktoberfest was a beer and food festival organised by Rotaract club whose aim was to raise funds for charity causes. The group was all packed up and ready from Africa, aka Canny One, who was also DJaying at the event to Soul Amp’s manager/producer and artist Basssik.  

True to their mission statement underlined on the Soul Amp website, the group plans on making a change in the country. I only found this out when I managed to sneak in a question as to seeing this was a reputable event , “So you guys getting paid?”


“This was all for charity, nah we turned down the payment, the offer was made though. We trying to stay relevant to what our mission actually is”. Gingy, Soul Amp’s emcee  explained to me. “A time for that will be there, we are only getting started”. Which I found  to be such a refreshing view for local urban artists on the scene.

The most memorable performance was a single that came from  Dee Oh Dub’s project “ that dropped last week, titled Mr Sugar Fix that features his own labelmates InkHeart, and Africa. The song’s beat produced by veteran producer Basssik is sustained by a hypnotic clap and bare minimum drum 

and hip hop sample that gives emphasis to the lyricists.  The track exhudes the undeniable lyrical prowess and raw talent   that is present in the group.

Dee Oh Dub releases his project “Proud Soul” this November 3rd via the group’s website

By Robert Cheleuka.

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