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The Soulamp Entertainment team is proud to be a recipient of the COSOMA Copyright Fund Grant. With this valued assistance, we will look to provide local artists with: A platform for diverse artistic expression,
Expanded awareness and exposure, Revenue opportunities and , Global dissemination of Malawian art and culture.

Through the generous support of the COSOMA Copyright Fund Grant, we are committed to empowering our local artists and enriching the creative landscape of Malawi.

Our foremost objective is to establish a dynamic platform that fosters diverse artistic expression, showcasing the wealth of talent present within our region. We strongly believe that every artist's voice deserves to be heard, and we are dedicated to promoting inclusivity and celebrating the unique cultural heritage of Malawi through their art.

As Soulamp Family, at our core, we hold immense pride in being a brand that exemplifies tangible corporate social responsibility initiatives. Our commitment extends towards fostering sound policies that bring about positive change and uplift the arts and communities worldwide.

We firmly believe in the power of music to inspire and unite people across the globe. With this vision in mind, we actively engage in various social responsibility programs, channeling our efforts towards making a meaningful impact on society. By supporting initiatives that promote the arts and contribute to the well-being of communities, we strive to create a better and more inclusive world.

In the same spirit of inclusiveness, we bring to you the SOUL ART-REACH, a series of Soulamp Sessions aiming to amplify the voices of upcoming artists and spread their message of positive change and inspiration. These sessions encapsulates the dual mission of supporting the arts and nurturing a sense of responsibility to bring about meaningful change. The initiative further serves as a bridge, connecting artists with diverse communities and cultures, fostering understanding and creativity. This partnership will see Soulamp with support from COSOMA host events and shows that will allow upcoming artists to have a platform and get exposure that will boost their musical careers.

At our heart, we are more than just a record label; we are a collective force dedicated to enriching lives and promoting cultural diversity. Join us on our journey as we continue to leverage our influence and resources to drive positive change and nurture creativity.

If you are an upcoming artist and would love to be a part of our mission to make the world a better place through music and meaningful social endeavors, please visit our Soulamp Sessions page :

Together, we can create a harmonious rhythm of progress and empathy that resonates far beyond our record label's walls.


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