Soulamp Entertainment was established in 2012. The company is comprised of talented and diverse artist’s. Our main focus is to be creative and engage our fans with music that we feel connects with people’s everyday lives including but not limited to feelings, ambitions and emotions.

Locally and internationally, our producers and artists have worked with established and upcoming artists in the music and multimedia industry.

Over the past years we have been invited to perform at events organised by corporate brands and companies such as Coca Cola, Carlsberg Malawi (now Castel), Airtel Malawi as well as social groupings such as the Rotary club.

Our profile goes beyond just recording music, it includes promoting various brands through production of multimedia products.

We pride ourselves in being a brand that is associated with tangible corporate social responsibility prorgrammes, contributing to sound policies for the greater benefit of arts and communities around the world.


SoulAmp Entertainment | Blantyre, Malawi | +265 995 501 356 |

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